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Four crucial considerations to keep in mind when designing & creating a catchy website


Creating a catchy website is not only about aesthetic design but also about functionality and excellent performance. The website should be user-friendly, easily accessible, easily located, and engaging.

If you are planning to create a website, read on to understand why it is vital for the website to be catchy.

Why is it crucial to have a catchy website?

A catchy website is extremely important for any business. It is intended to attract more customers and generate more sales.

It is not only a reflection of your business or brand. It is a way of interacting and communicating with potential clients.

Reasons why your website should be catchy:

Initial contact with potential customers

From initial contact with potential customers, to successful conversions, your website is the bridge to gain more of these. It increases website traffic and creates a significant increase for potential business.

Unforgettable first impressions

In so many ways, the first impression is crucial. When it comes to an unforgettable first impression, potential customers enjoy a catchy website and fully functional navigation, aside from the solutions to the problem that they are looking for.

Look professional

The website has to look professional too. From the choice of font style to the size of the font and to the images and graphics used, professionalism is always expected. It represents the professionalism, as well as the legitimacy, of your company.

Display all of your business’s certifications

There are several certificates that your business has to have to operate successfully and legally. It is important to include all certifications on your website.

Key elements of website design

In creating a catchy website, it is important to consider the elements listed below. These qualities will ensure that your website is aesthetically impressive and fully functional.

Accurate business information

Accurate business information is an important element of a website because it keeps hold of potential customers’ attention. Keeping customers on the website will lead them to purchase the advertised products. Accuracy is important to wise customers. Once you gain their trust, you can be confident they will return in the future.

Contact information

The contact information page should excel above all if you want your website to attract and engage more customers. Put the contact form in the proper place, an email address, an address of the physical store, a map to the address, a contact number, and an option for a possible meeting.

Clear Navigation

Clear navigational cues make it easier for visitors and customers to move around and explore the website. According to the experts, providing your customers with clear navigational cues is like providing them with a road map of your website so that they will be able to find what they are looking for.

Good Hosting

Good hosting gives you confidence about your website. You will never miss a single chance with your visitors and customers if your hosting allows a fast and reliable website.


A mobile-friendly website is vital. It is very likely that your website’s visitors are using a smartphone or tablet. Make sure that your site is efficiently designed for mobile access.


When it comes to website functionality, you can’t afford to fail on security. In order to protect your customers and their private information, it is helpful to always be aware of the latest techniques that hackers and scammers use.

Ensure your website is accessible to everyone

In creating a catchy website, it is important to keep in mind that your visitors are not always ordinary, inexperienced users. Most often, they are intelligent and observant of the accessibility of the website.

More importantly, your website must be fully functional and accessible so that people with disabilities are able to access all the same content and products as those without a disability. Good website accessibility improves search ranking and overall user experience.

Consider these website accessibility standards:

Ensure content is easily accessible

Inaccessible content and confusing or misleading navigation of the website will quickly drive visitors away. Meaningful link text, an understandable heading structure, and simple yet clear language are all techniques that will improve your readers’ experience.

Provide sufficient color contrast

Color psychology is important to creating a catchy website, especially when it comes to the marketing and advertising side of the business. Provide colors with sufficient contrast against their backgrounds so that visually impaired people can see all of your content.

Allow text to be resized

A well-designed website includes the ability to resize text-only. Visitors who have lower vision may opt for resized text or a zoomed browser.

Image alternative text

Image alternative (alt) text is critical for website accessibility. Also referred to as alt tags or alt descriptions, alt text is intended to describe an image on the site to its visitors, especially to those who cannot see them.

Start attracting more business today

Professional appearance and high-quality content combined with excellent accessibility generate more leads and produce more income. Applying the suggestions we’ve listed will add value to your website including ensuring your website offers the following: 

A valuable source of differentiation from competitors

Visitors can easily differentiate a catchy website from other competitors. When you give importance to what your audience needs and tailor your website to satisfy your visitors and customers, there is a higher rate of generating sales and thus produces more income.

A trustworthy relationship with customers

A catchy website builds a trustworthy relationship with customers because it shows the professionalism of the brand or business. Customers don’t want to engage or do business with someone that they don’t trust. However, once they discovery that your business or brand is trustworthy, they are likely to return and do business with you again.

Ease in generating new leads

With a catchy and professional website, it is easier to generate new leads more often. Visitors are confident to stay and explore more which turns their clicks into your income.

Higher conversion rate

A higher conversion rate is what every business wants to have. It means that there are more leads and more sales. This rate is an indicator of the success of the website.

Added value to products & services

There is more opportunity to benefit from added value to products and services if the website is catchy and creative. More customers are satisfied if the site is consistently functional and accessible at all times.


It is imperative that every business understands and gives importance to web accessibility. If you optimize your site to be fully functional and accessible, you can expect positive results from satisfied visitors.

When you achieve a website that is easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate, and accessible, you make it better for everyone who needs your service or product. Combining a larger audience with better SEO rankings and increased conversion rate will bring your website the most traffic and highest conversion rates possible.  

David Gevorkian
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