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Faster than a speeding bullet: The Femto camera set to transform photography [VIDEO]


In 1964 Professor Harold Edgerton took this now-famous photo of a bullet piercing an apple. He was a pioneer in stop-action photography.

This photo was taken in one millionth of a second. And, it’s spectacular.

Now, photos can be taken in one trillionth of a second. Yes, that’s a t, for trillion.

This means that slow motion videos can be taken of light in motion. This is much faster than a speeding bullet. So much so, that the same video of the bullet and the apple would extend to being a video one year in duration.

The Femto camera, as pioneered and explained in this TED video by Ramesh Raskar at MIT is a remarkable invention.

By firing laser beams of light and using the Femto camera, a new super power may possible, for all of us. We may all be able to harness the ability to see around corners. It also as the potential to revolutionise x-rays and medical scanning.

New super powers, frickin’ laser beams, this is a technology that definitely is helping science become the new sexy.

One trillionth of frame photography: the Femto camera

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