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Does our Facebook behaviour show us what the average Australian likes?


Is Facebook a true barometer of our times?

The May Australian Facebook Performance Report from Online Circle Social Media has some interesting data. The data collected in the report shows an interesting snapshot into just what Australians are liking, and engaging with, in the world of mass social media. Plus this research is available at a price that even a struggling company founder can afford: it’s free.

The Facebook Australian

If Facebook likes are an indicator of societal trends, then Australians like Holden cars, bank with the Commonwealth Bank and use Vodafone. It seems they have a lot of headaches and prefer to use Panadol. We love Pringles and drink Coca-Cola.

This seems reasonable.

The most recent data, collected across May showed that Australians on Facebook seem to interact very little with their telecommunications companies. They interact slightly more with their banks and financial services providers.

We do seem to have suddenly gotten interested in Audis, buying gym gear from Lorna Jane and shopping at The Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne.

It’s also worth noting that since May and some chilly winter weather, Tim Tams have increased its fan based by almost 20%. Given we consume about 400 million Tim Tams each year, that’s very Australian!