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My mobile phone can cook chicken while mowing the lawn. What can yours do?


If you’re a sucker for mobile phone technologies, prepare to be wowed.

In fact, if this amazing concept phone ever becomes a reality, it’s likely that every device you own right now will suddenly look and feel like the single-purpose brick you carried around circa 1990.

Designed by Billy May, on behalf of the team behind Mozilla Firefox, the device intends to take the main weakness of most smartphones (they are no fun for surfing the net) by adding a projector and keypad. (Apparently, the “mouse” is housed in the back of the phone as a handy snap out dongle.) But that’s not the only benefit. Just watch.

Seabird from Mozilla Firefox [Mobile Phone Concept]

But what if you’d spent hundreds of millions of dollars creating your own handset, yet it still pales in comparison to the feature-rich array of mobile products already on the market?

The answer* lies at the heart of the following cleverly executed commercial for Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 handset, which will be launched worldwide in late October this year.

Windows Phone 7 [HTC Mondrian-2]

*If you lack the features, offer simplicity as the benefit.

It seems that the future of mobile handsets has arrived. And it’s one divided between phones sold as phones and phones sold as… well… everything else.