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DocuSign and Rundl have joined hands to make online transactions much easier and more secure for professionals


Professional service transactions just got easier thanks to a new partnership between global electronic signature leader DocuSign and Rundl, an Australian start-up that has created the first secure digital ecosystem of professionals working together to deliver genuinely collaborative customer service.

Rundl puts everyone, especially the client, in control of their professional relationships and consolidates communication from a multitude of different processes into one streamlined view.

The new deal comes as the latest EY Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2015-16 survey of 1,500 Australians found 38 per cent would rather conduct their transactions over the internet than by phone or face-to-face.

What does this DocuSign deal mean for Rundl?

Rundl Founder Graeme Perkins said the integration of DocuSign technology into the Rundl platform would allow users to complete more of their transactions securely online.

“DocuSign’s simple and trusted e-signing experience fits perfectly with our method of collaborative workflow,” Perkins said. “Signing a document is confirmation of a shared activity and together we plan to make it a seamless part of the Rundl collaboration.”

Perkins said the traditional model of corporate communication silos was unproductive and out of step with customer expectations surrounding the new open and collaborative way of doing business.

“The advent of Rundl signals the demise of the ‘customer portal’ as the predominant mode of interacting online with service providers. Portals provide some basic administrative tasks, but fail to deliver truly meaningful connections between professionals and their customers.”

“People are used to connecting through networks like Facebook and Twitter in their private lives and Rundl brings that same sophistication from social media relationships to business and professional service delivery.”

Since launch in early 2015, Rundl has been enabling greater collaboration in the property sector, with property lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, banks, accountants, buyers and sellers using the software as a secure platform to communicate, share files, review and approve contracts and keep clients updated in a completely transparent way.

However, Rundl’s founders see opportunities for the sector-neutral platform to enable professionals in the financial services and healthcare sectors to streamline and simplify their customers and patients’ journey’s, thanks to the new DocuSign functionality.

How will Rundl’s partnership with DocuSign work?

Rundl aims to roll out DocuSign functionality to its growing user-base of more than 5,000 in the first half of 2016 under the transactional partnership and initial order of 5,000 signatures.

“The feedback we’re getting from the Rundl network of professional users, from mortgage brokers and medical practitioners, to real estate agents, accountants and lawyers, is that they want to streamline and simplify their customers’ journeys as much as possible,” Perkins said.

“Integrating DocuSign with Rundl enables us to position the document signing experience within the context of a Rundl transaction rather than directing users elsewhere to authorise documents.”

“We’re investing in the latest technologies to help our users complete more of their business transactions securely and efficiently online. DocuSign is a key part of our continuing evolution.”

DocuSign ANZ Vice President Brad Newton said, “We love partnering with organisations that share our drive to create more efficient and streamlined ways of doing business and approving documents.”

“Rundl offers its users an exciting new way to manage their professional relationships and the addition of DocuSign technology will enable them to collaborate and complete more end-to-end transactions within Rundl’s secure digital environment.”