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Bored with plain old skin? Turn it into a very personal tablet [VIDEO]


The first question that spring to my mind, when watching this video, is: Is this possible?

And in all honesty, I don’t know, but it seem unfeasible.

Can the resolution of my inner wrist ever be as good as my iPad Retina display?

Cicret are on a crowd funding mission to raise one million Euros to develop this device.

Its quest to turn your inner wrist into a touchscreen seems ambitious.

Plus, on the company website, the complete lack of photos of the company founders and technology team doesn’t really instil any confidence. Even the most introverted among us end up with photos on company websites.

So, what’s really going on here? It’s got a listing in Snopes yet, people seem to be pledging money.

The firm swipe the business is trying to take at Google Glass is also interesting. Glass was never a commercial product, nor should it be – it’s just not where people are at with their relationship with technology.

High tech prototype or a hoax? Make up your own mind.

The Cicret Bracelet – Like a tablet, but on your skin