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Australia needs to stop complaining about job cuts and focus on solving the problem-o


Did you hear about the first budget that Tasmanian Treasurer Peter Gutwein handed down on 2 September 2014?

The plans to cut 700 full-time public positions doesn’t sound great, especially with the sad statistics and the fact that the unemployment rate has increased to 756,700 people.

Even though unemployment within the public and the mining sector has been hot topic over the recent months, it seems that the focus is on the wrong point. Australian business owners need to combine their strengths and to find the solution for this unfortunate situation.

The times, they are a-changin’

We are living in fast-changing business environment and the technology revolution that we witness has great impact on our working process.

Companies that are incapable or unwilling to adapt are being pushed off the market and this becomes the number one reason for the high rate of unemployment which deeply hurts the economy. It is time for both sides – employers and employees – to look at the problem from different angle. Everybody needs to focus on the question “Why is it happening?”

It is obvious that the approach to the problem needs to change.

Businesses need training to update their staff’s skills and there are private training companies to provide these services but unfortunately they often overcharge their clients by providing training that in fact brings little value to the worker, the employer as well and the business in general.

One recent study by Training Ahead Australia proved that 50% of the staff feel like they lack skills to complete their jobs effectively and further 61% of the employers say that they cannot afford professional development for their workers.

A word from a Sir (Richard)

>Sir Richard Branson once said “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Business guru, Sir Branson said these wise words and proved how important training the staff is, especially at uncertain times as these are for Australian job market.

Private training facilitators are not restricted to government regulations, course curriculum or pricing, we have the opportunity to help other businesses become more efficient and product, but unfortunately most are just looking for a quick revenue stream. It is time Australia to look at the big picture and to focus on the reason and the solution of the problem.

Job cuts, of course, suck. But it is time business owners to work together to create a brighter future instead of looking into their own pockets, as this is where the issue started.

Danielle Walz is a member of Gen Y who is on a mission. Having founded Training Ahead Australia in January 2014, her mission is to inspire people to want to learn and achieve their goals.