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Rowan Kunz, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Rowan Kunz's tutoring enterprise began with a self-published book targeting HSC students. Today, Art of Smart Education employs over 100 exam preparation coaches in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. And Kunz continues to broaden his wingspan.

Gareth Robinson, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Gareth Robinson finished uni with a degree in computer science, an obsession with entrepreneurship and the will to disrupt the real estate industry. The result was Leasate, a rental property management service designed to connect landlords with tenants without relying on an agent.

Michael Woods, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Businesses that are stuck in the pre-digital age have a prayer of hope thanks to Michael Woods, the creative director of Media Saints. A full-service digital development company, Media Saints produces games, mobile apps and even feature films for clients.

Ross Scutts, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

For Ross Scutts, the satisfaction of succeeding on one's own is never enough. That's why he founded the Young Entrepreneur's Club, a support network for business innovators who want to be around like-minded individuals.

Michael Morgano, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Michael Morgano strives to make online classifieds more affordable, more accessible, and even more quirky. Car owners who are selling their vehicles can turn to Car Genie for a simplified listing plan that requires only $5 for six months.

Carl Taylor, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Though only 26, Carl Taylor has spent a decade acquiring and selling businesses. His first, at 18, sold for a measly $600 -- a tenth of its actual worth, he says. Yet from that teachable moment, Taylor began to explore how to maximise business value and negotiate favourable prices.

David Truong, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

It's not easy to get kids to learn maths, which is why David Truong is gaming things up. The Adelaide native made the leap to Melbourne to establish Broccol-e-games (named, of course, for the food equivalent of maths). In July, the company released its first educational game, Maths With Springbird, which hit Number One on the Australia/New Zealand Education App Store.

Daniel Ashton, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Daniel Ashton's Boost Mobeel (as in auto, hence the spelling) brings the signature fruit smoothies to school, corporate and entertainment events. The idea was a hit with the company board, and it's worked so well in Western Australia that its gross sales have doubled each year since its founding in 2007.

Bill Huynh, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Designer furniture shouldn't be limited to luxury budgets, so believes Bill Huynh, the founder of Interior Secrets. Employing a streamlined model and online-only presence, Interior Secrets sells replica model furniture at low prices and delivers it Australia wide.

Mathew Beeche, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Mathew Beeche began Shoe String Media as a one-man show cataloguing business stars on the ascent, then turned it into a monthly print magazine. Shoe String now operates as an online daily with a network of bloggers and full multimedia palate, and TV and radio outlets have taken note.

Mike Watkins, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Most marketers say they have 'social media experience'. Mike Watkins has eight years of it. Knowing Facebook inside-out pretty much from its inception has made the founder of Digiocial into a guru among gurus. Brand Temper is Watkins' latest innovation for helping brands to gauge their social media influence.

Marcus Lim, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Marcus Lim loves the home trades (from plumbing to landscaping to masonry) and wants to make the market for them more efficient and less fragmented. Lim is the co-founder and director of operations of OneFlare, which lets homeowners post their needed jobs and compare quotes from servicemen in their area.

Dwayne Martens, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Let Dwayne Martens infect you with his good vibes and personal energy. Then, try his açaí berries for a second hit. Yes, Martens is an unabashed health geek, but a socially conscious one as well. As the founder of Amazonia, he has introduced thousands of Australians to the healing properties of the purple berry.

Daniel Calleja, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Daniel Calleja has been working the camera since he was a teenager. At 23, he turned his passion for multimedia into a business: Innovating Visuals. Calleja and company specialise in promotional videos, events filming, photography and even e-learning technology.

Gabriele Ulacco, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Gabriele Ulacco sees mass technology affecting not just multimedia, but physical forms of production, and nowhere more than in architecture -- which defines AR-MA's practice. The firm (which stands for Architectural Research - Material Applications) consults with artists on challenging art projects and buildings, to help them realise their designs with a mathematical precision.

James McDonough, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Workplace safety is an issue with particular resonance in Western Australia, and Perth's James McDonough is emerging with a unique solution. He's the developer of SEE Forge, a mobile platform for facilitating communications amongst personnel, for reporting injuries and resolving safety problems in real time.

Dale Hansen, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Dale Hansen developed his first website by the age of 16; at 19, he founded Base Media after his multimedia studies convinced him that digital media was his passion. With each new evolution in coding, he has continued to bring new businesses online.

Ben Carroll, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Ben Carroll is a printer by trade, but his medium isn't paper -- it's fabrics. Velflex, founded by Carroll in 2007, has revolutionised the sportswear industry with digital heat transfer technology.

Jeffrey Cooper, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

To those considering Step Change Marketing for growing their businesses, Jeffrey Cooper has this reassurance: wankers don't work here. Cooper and team put together a hilarious short video on this point to take a hammer to the cliches they saw plaguing the industry, and the resulting buzz was phenomenal.

Joel Deakin, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Joel Deakin, the director of the online customised menswear business George & King, is issuing a challenge to bricks and mortar shops. "Our suits and shirts combine luxurious fabrics with personalised details to capture your individual character," says Deakin.
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