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ASX-listed tech startup HearMeOut brings voice filters to the US social media market


ASX-listed HearMeOut has followed the likes of social media platforms Instagram and SnapChat by adding a filter function to their audio posts. The voice filters function allows users of the app to add effects such as echoes, slow-motion, helium and bass, to voice posts recorded through the HearMeOut platform.

The filters function is the latest feature to be added to the HearMeOut repertoire, following an app revamp for the official US launch in March, as well as the launch of the LifeSpan feature, which can make posts disappear after 24 hours.

“We’re excited to be able to add more usability and features to HearMeOut to help change the way that people are using social media,” says Moran Chamsi, CEO of the 2017 Anthill SMART 100 winning company.

“HearMeOut fills a gap in the social media landscape which is primarily focused on text and visual interaction. With the increase in voice-technology, as well as the rising popularity of hands-free social media, HearMeOut is well placed to engage consumers across the US.”

What else has hearMeOut been up to lately?

HearMeOut is also furthering its presence across both the media and connected car industries, following the appointments of connected car expert Scott Lyons and media industry veteran Jon Housman to its advisory board.

“Voice is an area that should be further developed,” says Jon Housman. “These features from HearMeOut will give consumers new ways to explore and have fun in this growing channel.”

HearMeOut is an Israeli-based global company that provides a revolutionary voice-based social media platform that transforms the way people engage with and consume social media.

The platform enables users to share and listen to 42- second audio posts through the platform’s native feed or on other social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. Through this app, people can express their authentic voice and put their unique signature on social media interactions.

HearMeOut officially launched to the US market in March, after receiving strong interest for its Australian IPO late last year.