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What are the jobs of the future? Here are five jobs that don’t exist yet [VIDEO]


Think about it. When you were a child and were asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” – would you have answered with what you are doing right now?

I know I didn’t. Some days, it’s impossible to describe what I do, even to myself!

Hell! My parents still don’t understand what I do. They settle for the ‘she does stuff with computers’, which results in their friends asking me to fix their desktops. That’s a whole other kind of hell…

But, thinking about our world right now, it’s challenging to ponder what the children being born today are going to end up doing. In short, what they will do as a career, doesn’t exist yet.

Futurists, Sparks & Honey created a Slideshare presentation that includes 20 jobs that don’t exist yet.

YouTubers, Rhett & Link, took a shine to five of them and created a video to discuss them, in their own special way. Which is ironic, because being a ‘YouTuber’ certainly wasn’t a career option five years ago.

In fact, many of us don’t really know what we will be doing, learning about or, evangelising in 12 months time.

What does the future hold? How about a 3D printer handyman, a personal life archivist or digital death manager. It’s all possible.

Five jobs that will exist in the future