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Undaunted: what this ginger cat can teach every entrepreneur [VIDEO]


Yes, it’s tenuous link video time again.

Perhaps it says a lot about how my brain works but, when I see videos like this, I always draw an analogy that reminds me of something that affects me, my business or, my view of the world.

It would be fair for you to say, at this point, that I should get out more.

This is a video of the reaction of a baby elephant’s encounter with a ginger cat.

The baby elephant is, at first, unimpressed but later, comes back for a second look. And, while that is cute and amusing, what struck me was the cat.

It is completely undaunted. The baby elephant is still significantly larger than the cat. This is something that everyone of us face every day. There is always a problem or opportunity, that seems big – the elephant in the room, so to speak. (Yes, pun intended).

But, like this ginger cat, we need to remain undaunted in the face of the unknown, the problem or, the opportunity. No matter how much bigger than us it may seem, we should hold our ground.

Or, if a bigger, more powerful company is sniffing around, checking out what your startup is doing. Remain unfazed. Remain un-rattled and be zen about the whole thing.

Be like the ginger cat. Act like you expected all this to happen. By all means, put your ears back as if to say, “Did that really just happen?”

Then, smile and work out what you’re going to do next.

Baby elephant and cat