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3 great reasons why you should say hello to a new person everyday


I know what you are thinking – Anthill has brought me here with an attractive heading but an article that is going to be some generic piece of website content.

Think again.

About one year ago I stumbled across something which has changed the way I do business and moreover the way I live my life.

The rule is simple.

Say hello to at least one new person per day.

Isn’t this an awkward thing to do? What is the benefit to my career? How can this help me going forward ?

These questions, this kind of inward thinking is what holds us back but there are three clear benefits for you to adopt this approach.

1. New opportunities in numbers

Out of the 365 potential conversations you will have in the year after adopting this rule – you should go on to form solid friendships with a number of, if not all of these people.

You will receive new business opportunities directly and also indirectly through their 2nd and 3rd degree networks!

2. Limitless karma

By showing interest in others – perhaps by paying them a compliment or taking the time to hear about who they are and what they do – you will imbue a positive feeling upon them that is priceless.

Even though something like this is so small, by making such a lasting impression on many people you are bound to receive returns in the future, as their lasting memory of the experience will encourage them to strive to do good for you in return.

3. Confidence

If you are able to talk to at least one unknown person a day without any prior rapport you will find that you become increasingly skilled at meeting and impressing new people.

Additionally, the confidence you gain will filter into other aspects of your life – empowering you to achieve in your personal, business and sporting endeavours.

Commonly – I have found that people see an immediate correlation with their public speaking and dating skills – two common inhibitors which are solved by the practice my rule provides in mastering a fear of the unknown.

Leave some comments for me below – but remember by saying hello to at least one new person per day – you will immediately see a result after your first connection.

My tip: If you catch public transport – try and say hi to two people – once on the way to work and once on the way home – trust me the results are phenomenal!

The result this week: 12 new connections, three new meetings and one dinner!

Dailius Wilson is a 23 year old intrapreneur who coaches in sales and optimisation of revenue growth via his training company, Wolf of York Street. Dailius also currently serves as Partnerships Director at Oneflare – where he has been involved in founding the sales team, overseeing and monetising strategic acquisitions like Word of Mouth Online and Renovate Forum and setting up partnerships with large multinational companies. Prior to Oneflare – Dailius has made international appearances on TV through the Ellen Degeneres Show, consulted to over 25+ different companies, conducted DJ tours to Japan and around Australia and is a trained opera singer and state touch rugby player. His peers have given him the name the Wolf of York Street but we prefer to call him the Cash Cowboy.