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This is a proven formula to achieve maximum ROI on your next video

You have probably heard of the old saying “a picture tells 1000 words”. This is very true. So, if a picture can tell 1,000 words then...

Rewind 2014 YouTube ‘celebrities’: how many do you recognise? [VIDEO]

Every year YouTube creates a video to showcase the biggest video hits, memes and YouTube stars. This is the video looking back at 2014. And, despite...

The most epic safety video every made: Air New Zealand [VIDEO]

Making an unusual, amusing or obtuse in-flight safety video is one way that several airlines try to garner the affections of the public. It's...

Wow, did we watch some interesting things on YouTube last year [VIDEO]

And, let's be honest here, we watched some real rubbish as well. Utter rubbish in some instances. I'll admit that I didn't make it through...

If someone says “I want it to go viral”, chances are, I’ll go postal...

Oh, I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard it said that a 'viral video is a part of the marketing plan'. I'd have about $724. Which would buy quite a lot of coffee.

We’re no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I. And...

Admit it. You've been rickrolled, and chances are, you liked it. But, it may have been a while since it happened. Here's a guide to one simple way to reinvigorate an internet meme, and probably kick off a whole new spate of rickrolling.

What were Australia’s favourite YouTube videos in 2011? Rebecca Black? Seriously?

"Friday"? Srsly, Australia? Yes, sadly, that ultra-bubbly Rebecca Black music vehicle that makes all right-minded people want to spontaneously combust was the nation's most viewed "community" video in 2011, according to the tastemakers at YouTube.Stay classy, Australia. (And don't forget to watch the second video. It's barking hilarious!)

What was Australia’s favourite YouTube video for 2010? It is ‘so dumb, so really,...

OK, Australia, what was the most-watched YouTube video on the continent in 2010? Was it the national election? The gulf oil spill? The rescue of the Chilean miners? Of course not! According to Google Australia, the pinnacle of the video chart belonged to this catchy remix.

Bring back the love: What is wrong with this ad? [VIDEO]

It's such a clever, funny and well written advertisement. But it always leaves me feeling strangely conflicted. It's extremely effective in its capacity to communicate a disruptive message. And its creators could almost be described as visionary, producing these insights well before the rise of the social web. But is it an effective tool for selling Search and Banner advertising?