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If someone says “I want it to go viral”, chances are, I’ll go postal [VIDEO]


Viral videos.

Oh, I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard it said that a ‘viral video is a part of the marketing plan’. I’d have about $724. That would buy quite a lot of coffee.

In answer to this constant refrain, Canadian agency John Street, created a viral video, ironically about viral videos.

The agency is knowing for their brilliant, funny and not-very-serious take on internet marketing. This gem is no different. It’s another excellent piece of comedy that has, yes, you guessed it, gone viral.

It’s clocked around 55,000 views in the past four days.

As so elegantly summed up in the video, pretty soon, we won’t even need viewers to make videos views go viral. But, in the meantime, watch this.

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