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This new app says dating in 2017 should be all about experiences, not just...

Epic Catch focuses on bringing two people together over an activity that they both find appealing. This takes away a lot of the pressure often associated with online dating or joining a larger, established group.

Zenva looks to Kickstarter to fund Codemurai, a mobile app that will teach you...

Brisbane startup, Zenva has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to build Codemuari, a mobile app that teaches programming to users on the go

Getting Internationally Mobile, On Your Mobile

Performance advertising technology company Criteo recently revealed its Travel Flash Report. The report highlights the increased use of mobile devices in consumer travel planning...

The zombie apocalypse is looming. What can you do about it?

Barricade the doors! Nail some boards over the windows, and start running? Really? Is that all you've got? It doesn't have to be. Sensis is offering $2,500 in prize money to the designer of the best app to get us through a zombie apocalypse. Read on anti-zombie warriors!

Leave your wallet at home. You can now buy a round of drinks with...

Wouldn't it be easier if your iPhone did everything? Well, now it almost can. Now, it can buy you drinks without the need to carry cash. A cash-free system for buying cocktails. What's not to like?

It's a mobile kind of magic. Startup weekend Adelaide discovers some magic, then makes...

Adelaide's Startup Weekend in March found some interesting and commercially viable new mobile apps.

How to move the online goal posts and become the most downloaded app in...

Australian software start-up company PlayUp offers sports and media personalities the opportunity to monetise their social networks, by linking them to premium “pay-per-play” content that already interweaves sport and social interactivity. The PlayUp app is now in the top five downloaded apps in 80 countries and number one in 30 countries.

A new “Instant Deals” platform in Sydney wants to make group buying obsolete. Can...

A location-aware platform, Spreedle will allow businesses to target buyers in their vicinity and set their own schedules for posting digital vouchers, deciding for how long and for how many customers the deal is valid. Can this Sydney start-up make a splash in the Groupon market?