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This new app says dating in 2017 should be all about experiences, not just swiping


Today’s dating apps seem to have reduced it down to swiping. With so much swiping, there’s not much time for actual connections or fun experiences. But now, a new Aussie app is changing the game.

Epic Catch, the Australian platform that connects like-minded individuals for shared experiences, today announces the official launch of its new mobile app; making it easier to try something new, with someone new in 2017.

Available for iPhone and iPad, with an Android compatible version to follow later this year, Epic Catch enables users to easily make connections and find fun experiences to share.

Epic Catch launched its desktop platform in early 2016 and has quickly become a fun, new way to make connections around shared activities. More than 350 Aussies have connected through the platform to date, with that number expected to grow with the launch of its dedicated mobile app.

How does this Epic Catch work?

Users simply fill out their profile and select the types of activities in which they are most interested. There are already dozens of experiences to choose from, with more set to be added over the coming months. Current activities include:

  • How-to classes– cooking, wine, dance and crafting classes
  • Unique dining experiences– fine dining, festivals and tours
  • Theatre and shows– musicals, concerts, comedy, dance and sports events
  • Outdoor activities– such as sky diving, paddle boarding and scuba diving

Users select the time and date they would like to go, see who else is interested in the chosen activity, and extend an invite. Bookings and payments are all managed via the app and a convenient messaging system makes it easy to plan the day.

“We want to make it easier and faster to reach out to someone new and explore the best your city has to offer in a way that is personalised to your interests. We are constantly adding new experiences and events, so there is always something new to try, and always someone to go with you!” said Meray Azar, founder of Epic Catch.

What exactly is Epic Catch looking to achieve?

Azar says the goal of Epic Catch is to make the process of connecting less intimidating whilst building relationships based on shared interests.

“Unlike standard dating or meet-up platforms, Epic Catch focuses on bringing two people together over an activity that they both find appealing. This takes away a lot of the pressure often associated with online dating or joining a larger, established group. There is no risk of being the odd one out or any unnecessary expectation other than to have fun. This allows friendship to blossom, and in some cases, even love,” added Azar.

One example is Will and Glenise, who first met through Epic Catch last year. A last minute cancellation left Glenise without plans, but then Epic Catch stepped in.

“When my plans fell through, I used Epic Catch to find a fill-in for the pizza-making class I had booked. Will accepted my invite, and we ended up having a great night. Neither of us went into it with expectations of love, but of course, we are really happy we decided to give it a try!” said Glenise. “Sharing an experience was so much more fun than awkwardly sitting in a bar trying to get to know someone.”

Available now in Sydney and Melbourne, Epic Catch is set to launch in Brisbane with roll out across other major Australian cities to come and new experiences and events added each month.