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Startup School 08

On 19 April, over 650 tech entrepreneurs and students attended the fourth annual free Startup School, held at Stanford University in California. The event,...

A guide to business development 2.0

Over the past five years, Anthill has made a point of writing about new and effective ways of conducting business. The underlying message has...

15 unfortunately placed ads

We’re fans of the site Ads of the world, which tracks the most innovative and witty advertising across all mediums. If you are at...

Unusual business card designs

If you’ve ever seen the movie American Psycho (based on Brett Easton Ellis’s extremely dark novel), you will surely remember the “business card” scene...

HEMA – More than greets the eye

We recently stumbled on an acute example of just how appealing (and viral) a creatively designed shopping website can be. Dutch Company HEMA presents what at first glance appears to be a conventional ‘shop window’ product catalogue. But wait a few second and watch the magic kick in.

Until recently, having your DNA tested meant you were either under scrutiny from the law, uncertain of your parentage or concerned that you were...

So you’ve had enough of the dog next door barking all night, not to mention the techno music two doors down. And, what’s that,...

Save the world, one grain at a time

FreeRice is an online game that does more than test the rectitude of your lexicon. For every word you correctly define (multiple choice), the UN's World Food Programme donates 20 grains of rice to needy people somewhere around the globe. Money to buy and distribute the rice is provided by companies advertising on the website.