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Solar-Gem wins 2010 Australian Innovation Shoot Out in California


NSW-based company Solar-Gem has been awarded the 2010 Australian Innovation Shoot Out, hosted overnight at Microsoft’s Mountain View, California campus.

The fourth annual Innovation Shoot Out, staged as part of G’Day USA: Australia Week 2010, assembled seven pioneering Australian technology companies, each vying for top honours.

Solar-Gem provides modular solar-powered off-grid lighting and electricity systems, pre-pay tariffing systems and high-efficiency LED lighting modules. Its target market is the 1.6 billion people around the world without access to power.

Companies were judged based on their ability to:

  • solve a recognised problem
  • demonstrate a clearly defined business model and market for their solutions
  • offer a solution superior to what’s already available, and
  • provide a reasonable return on investment.

The judging panel featured:

  • Mark Anderson (Chair) – CEO of Strategic News Service
  • Deborah Magid – director of software strategy at IBM Venture Capital Group
  • Allison Leopold Tilley – partner at Pillsbury
  • Chris Shipley, chairman and CEO of Guidewire Group and former executive producer of the DEMO Conference
  • Prashant Shah – managing director of VC firm Hummer Winblad

As the winner of the 2010 Innovation Shoot Out, Solar-Gem received a prize package designed to help it launch its business in the United States. Support includes legal, financial and marketing consultation worth approximately US$40,000.

The seven Innovation Shoot Out finalist companies were:

  • Digisensory – A provider of an end-to-end security and surveillance solution that combines smart imaging devices with a web-based, real-time distributed intelligence system.
  • Intelliguard – A provider of DDoS protection for online enterprises and internet service providers.
  • Mid-Comp International – A supply chain management infrastructure provider.
  • MultiTrode – A specialist in lift station control and monitoring for water and wastewater facilities around the world.
  • Solar-Gem – A creator of affordable off-grid energy based on clean solar technologies.
  • Synengco – A provider of technology that helps companies assess and reduce their greenhouse gas and other emissions.
  • Zarloc – A provider of The ROSS System, a web-based rostering and workforce management solution for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchises.
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