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Sixteen innovative Australian digital projects to watch


Sixteen of Australia and New Zealand’s best digital projects will have the chance to be mentored by some of the biggest names in digital and entertainment media as part of X|Media|Lab ‘Global Media Ideas’ two-day lab, starting next Friday.

Announced today, the selected teams were chosen by X|Media|Lab for their originality, creativity, innovation and global commercial appeal.

Megan Elliot director X|Media|Lab said, “the lab provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored, one-on-one, by some of the biggest names in digital and entertainment media. Participants come away with not only valuable insight and business coaching, but also international contacts to help them make that leap to the global stage.”

Some of the sixteen project teams selected to take part in the lab include:


Change2’s mission is to inspire, engage and empower sustainable thinking and practices in the work place, at home and everywhere in between. We do this with online tools, digital media and education. www.change2.com.au


A rich online interactive timeline that explores and celebrates indigenous musical storytelling from the 1960s until now. Under the trusted arm of Jimmy Chi (Cultural Advisor) Australia’s National Living Treasure and the exploratory vision of Adrian Wills (documentary Director/Writer) users will be led on a year-by-year musical journey of discovery through Australia’s cultural heritage.


Streetcorner.com.au is a hyperlocal news network that allows locals to report their own news. Streetcorner covers Western Sydney, City, Eastern Suburbs, North West and South West Sydney. http://streetcorner.com.au


The Loop is a career networking & portfolio site for creative professionals. It connects creative people, companies and jobs. www.theloop.com.au


From the new Australian digital media partnership of film producer/director Robert Connolly, TV news producer/correspondent Tony Maniaty and games developer Morgan Jaffit – a seriously challenging, ground-breaking computer game for the global market.


Red Ripe’s recommendation engine is the fun, fast way to discover movies, music and other content according to a personalised blend of preferences and mood.


Habitat allows you to look after your very own endangered animal, immerse yourself in their habitat and make everyday changes to your ecological footprint to earn points and help your animal survive. It combines the best of online gameplay, edutainment and offline activities to engage and empower kids to change the world around them, one step at a time. Produced by Australian Documentaries www.australiandocumentaries.org


The Justice Thrusters are the first super heroes to go corporate. Their multi media extravaganza will be something to experience. Produced by Ambience Entertainment – Omnilab Media’s production company, specializing in feature film, children’s drama, games shows, light entertainment, animation and interactive content development.


AdBubbler is a web application that video producers use to create interactive ads. Upload your media, drag and drop using the AdBubbler interface, and in minutes create an adobe flash rich media ad. Produced by Bubbler Interactive www.adbubbler.com


The New Zealand based company is developing an electronic wallet that helps media platforms easily monetise content and services. http://ideegeo.com/


Moshcam films broadcast-quality live music concerts by the world’s most critically acclaimed independent bands and streams them to your desktop, TV and (soon) mobile device. www.moshcam.com


Bringing ancient cultural governance and modern technology together to preserve, teach and use today and for the future.


It’s no secret that we love music at triple j. We want to hot-rod our hit list. What’s the best way we can display and share music and related content with our audience? www.triplej.net.au


This project seeks to build engagement, challenge and reward throughout the ABC3 children’s online space using social and connected game play. www.abc.net.au/abc3


99dresses connects its female members’ excess clothes into one massive peer-to-peer ‘Infinite Wardrobe of Free Fashion’, using a virtual currency to trade garments between members. www.99dresses.com


The best experiences in life can come from chance. www.12thousanddays.com is a serendipity engine to let people explore the abundance of a vibrant gift economy.


This year’s lab participants will have the opportunity to receive business coaching from:

  • Ralph Simon – Founder of the mobile entertainment industry. (London);
  • Amin Zoufonoun – Director of Corporate Development at Google, responsible for evaluation, negotiating and executing Google’s mergers, acquisitions and investments (Mountain View);
  • Robert Tercek – One of the world’s most prolific creators of interactive content. Former President, Digital Media at the Oprah Winfrey Network. (Los Angeles);
  • John Penney – Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Starz, LLC (Los Angeles);
  • Steve Jang – Strategic Advisor at Animoto / Conduit Labs / Pixelpipe / StumbleUpon (San Francisco);
  • Wayne Borg – COO, twofour54 (Abu Dhabi);
  • Joy Mountford – renowned User Experience Designer (Apple’s Human Interface Group, Interval and Yahoo!) (San Francisco);
  • Gotham Chopra – Media Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Liquid Comics (Los Angeles);
  • Dana Al Salem – Founder of Fanshake and formerly Co-Founder Yahoo! Europe (Paris);
  • Anand Giridharadas – Technology Columnist with The New York Times / International Herald Tribune (Cambridge, Washington, Bombay);
  • Parmesh Shahani – Author and Media Entrepreneur (Mumbai);
  • Haidong Pan – Founder and CEO, Hudong – China’s largest online encyclopedia (Beijing)
  • Nick Yang, Founder, President and CTO, KongZhong – one of China’s most successful internet entrepreneurs
  • Scott Halcomb – International Business Development Director, SystemK (Japan);
  • Rob Manson – Managing Director of MOB – an Innovation Lab (Sydney)

Amin Zoufonoun is a speaker at the X|Media|Lab Global Media Ideas Pro Day Conference on 18 June 2010, Sydney. He will be speaking among powerbrokers from Mobile Entertainment Forum, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Starz, StumbleUpon, The New York Times, MIT and more! Find out more.