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Give me data and I’ll give you a decision [VIDEO]


You may have heard of the Fitzroy Academy of Getting Shit Done. It brought together a bunch of people who know how to actually do stuff.

It was born out of a raging frustration felt by Will Dayble.

In this video, a part of the DoLecturex series, Dayble explains this frustration and asks a very fine question: How do we teach what hasn’t been invented yet?

Why does this matter? Well, we all need to learn. If you’re a parent, you may be aware that what your child ends up doing for a living, hasn’t yet been invented.

Hell. My parents do not understand what I do. And, quite frankly, some days I don’t know how to explain it either!

But, back to Dayble. He’ll explain to you why things are broken and, excite you by what’s possible.

How do we teach what is yet to be invented?