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Opportunity looks a lot like hard work. Kutcher’s incredible speech at Teen Choice Awards [VIDEO]


You might think I’ve lost the plot, posting a Teen Choice Awards video, but stick with me on this. And, persist through the random screaming teenagers, Ashton, or should I say Chris Kutcher, is worth listening to.

This week, at the Teen Choice Awards, Kutcher took to the stage and he begins with this sage insight, ‘I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work.’ And, it gets better from there.

Kutcher has built an incredible career, even if you don’t like his movies or television show. Plus, he’s invested in around 33 startups including Fab.com and Summly, which you may recall sold to Yahoo! for a tidy $30 million back in March. The full list of his investments is on CrunchBase.

So, in short, he’s no slouch when it comes to understanding entrepreneurship.

He’s playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic of the late Apple founder’s life. The movie, Jobs, opens at the end of this month in Australia.

Don’t be put off by the screams from the rent-a-teen crowd, this is really worth hearing. Kutcher is really showing how to ‘think different’.

Ashton Kutcher speech – Teen Choice Awards 2013


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