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How to improve on a viral video, and make the perfect pavlova at the same time [VIDEO]


Last week a viral video began popping up everywhere – how to separate eggs using a plastic water bottle. It has clocked more than seven million views in one month.


Yet, a self-confessed lover of cooking with a small internet following by the moniker of Foodinese, decided to not only try it, but better it.

What’s better than separating one egg with a plastic bottle? Separating five using the same technique, without losing suction or, breaking a yolk.

Foodinese jumped right into action with their video. It now rates as number one on a YouTube search for ‘egg separating’. Well played.

It’s so simple, and elegant, why didn’t we, as a nation of pavlova eaters, know this trick before?

Separating eggs yolks with a water bottle

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