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Don’t ask why, but you know you’re gonna get an iPhone 5: Steve Job’s hologram told me so! [VIDEO]


Holograms sure are a lot cooler since Arnold J. Rimmer marched around the decks of Red Dwarf.

Tupac managed to perform on stage at Coachella, in hologram format, six years after his death.

Now, it’s Steve Job’s turn to come back in hologram form, and kick things along with the new iPhone. In this parody video, a new device named the iFhone5, to avoid any possible i-lawsuits, Jobs makes a come back, kicks into Tim Cook, and unleashes the hotness of a new charcoal phone with a new cable size.

Put on your black polo necks sweaters in tribute, and pre-order your iPhone 5. Word!

iPhone 5 parody rap – contains salty language

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