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I can’t believe how much skin the #1 Instagram brand is showing. It’s eye-popping!


Instagram’s most followed brand is showing plenty of skin, which makes its broad appeal perhaps understandably. Victoria’s Secret is a company associated with glamorous beauties wearing saucy lingerie, which has the unique ability to inspire awe from drooling men, and fashion-conscious women alike.

According to a report from Social Bakers, Victoria’s Secret tops the leaderboard when it comes to most followed brands, with 3,823,837 followers. The report makes no mention of just how many of those followers are blokes, which might explain at least some of the skimpy lingerie purveyor’s perennial popularity.

LegoQuadcopterSuccess is more than skin deep

Despite the apparent popularity of Victoria’s Secret’s eye candy, the report reveals that the brand lags behind in two key areas: engagement and interactions.

Victoria’s Secret is locked out of the top five in the engagement. Adidas Football tops the leaderboard in that category, riding a wave of success in the ramp up to this year’s Wold Cup. Following closely behind Adidas is LEGO, a company celebrating its own successes with its The LEGO Movie delighting audiences around the globe right now. The remaining three entrants into the engagement category are all Nike-owned.

It’s interaction that counts

Victoria’s Secret reappears (at #3) on the list of top brand interactions in Social Bakers’ report. That category is lead by Italian clothing designer, Brandy Melville, who has agressively sought to tap a new market in the lead up to opening a New York City outpost.

 What brands are you following on Instagram?

Instagram proves that a picture really is worth a thousand words. For some brands, they’re proving to also be worth boatloads of revenue. What brands do you follow on Instagram? Is your brand on Instagram? We’d love to know where on Instagram you go and whom there you follow, Anthillian masses!

Main image by Danny Goodman. Courtesy of Business Insider.