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Now even unions can be crowdsourced. But weren’t they always?


The whole concept of a union depends on having a ‘crowd’ and harnessing the power of that crowd to gain collective bargaining power. Therefore, it might seem slightly strange to describe ThePoint’s online service, designed to help office workers anonymously organise with their coworkers, as ‘crowdsourced unionism’.

Isn’t that an oxymoron? Well, to get the brain juices flowing, you can watch the video below.

For many, what might seem even stranger is the concept of a white-collar worker needing a union in the first place. Aren’t they suits? Just another part of the machine designed to keep the little man oppressed? Well, those familiar with the teachings of Karl Marx would be more than happy to tell you (and anyone else who’ll listen) that a 17th century farm labourer who worked for day wages indeed shares a similar relationship to production as a 21st century office worker. It is the shared structure of wage labour that makes them both “working class.”

So, the next time that scatter-brain work colleague declares to you and the office at large, ‘I’m sooooo unorganised’ you can mentally take note that not only are they ‘disorganised’ but they also do not belong to a union, and then point them to ThePoint.

White-collar desk-jockeys of the world unite!

ThePoint: Crowdsourced Unionism