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Innovation is heating up across Australia


Greg Combet is a man who wears many hats. His groovy, long title is actually The Honourable Greg Combet, AM MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Minister for Industry and Innovation.

Wow, that’s a mouthful, huh?

Well, that kilometres-long title may just quality Mr Combet to speak about how things are heating up around these parts when it comes to the climate of innovation around Australia.

The GE Barometer shows Australia has stepped up its game in terms of innovation, rising from 16th place in 2012, to 13th place in the outset of 2013 – out of 25 countries.

“This shows the Australian Government’s support for innovation through Powering Ideas: An Innovation Agenda for the 21st Century is delivering results,” Mr Combet said.

“Innovation is the key to developing a more productive and prosperous economy.”

Hey, you know, I think he’s on to something…

Innovation unlocks the doors to growth, as we know. The latest data coming back from business people confirms the role of innovation in succeeding.

A significant proportion of business managers surveyed for the report said innovation was a strategic priority for business. They also identified the need for further support in developing talented staff, collaboration and a stronger venture capital sector.

Mr Combet said the Government was working with industry to support the development of new and existing staff in areas of skill need through initiatives like the National Workforce Development Fund.

“The Barometer findings are a timely reminder to industry and government of where action is still required,” continued Combet.

“The Australian Government will announce further initiatives to support innovation in its forthcoming Industry and Innovation Policy Statement.”

Fortune favours the bold!

We all know that innovation is a boon for any business.

So, how much are you driving innovation in your company? Let’s see some comments around the role of innovation in your business, and if you think it takes luck, skill, or genius to achieve. Are you pushing innovation on the daily basis – or waiting for it to hit you like a ton of bricks?