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In a rut? Here’s a challenge: Try something new for 30 days.


How about this for a goal: Try something — anything — for 30 days.

Simple enough, no? Matt Cutts, a Google employee who specialises in search engine optimization, expands this idea into a two minutes, 44 second pep talk at a TED conference last year.

It turns out that 30 days is the perfect time-frame for giving anything a shot, Cutts says. He took a picture a day, rode a bicycle to work, cut sugar out of his diet and wrote a novel. Not all at once, mind you. The trick is to choose something sustainable, so even if it’s hard you can think, “Only 28 more days.” Or 25, or 13. The payoff, he says, can be immeasurable.

So watch the video and allow yourself to be emboldened. Then set your calendar and try something. Do a vegan diet. Stop watching TV. Pole dance. Remember — it’s only for 30 days. But maybe, just perhaps, it will last much longer.

Try something new for 30 days

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