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When life gives you a bump on the road, make it a BetterBump


Dear mothers, there is finally a snack bar that you can chomp on guilt-free. In fact, it’s even good for you.

Australian entrepreneur, Lee Klass, has developed the first maternity snack bar that is designed specifically for pregnant and breast-feeding women. The director of Mother Hen Products had the brilliant idea while browsing mummy blogs and facing economical obstacles in the business.

Snack on, it’s for the baby.

BetterBump is a functional food that provides healthy, maternal nutrients for expectant mothers before, during and after pregnancy while also assisting in aiding normal lactation. It provides mothers and mothers to be with an energy controlled, all natural snack designed to replace other forms of nutrient poor junk food.

Some of the features of the snack bar include high-protein content, a maternal vitamin premix, and probiotics to help protect the health of mothers and to strengthen the immune systems of babies. 

The snack bar is also apparently free of additives, GMO ingredients, and artificial sweeteners. And, the bars are formulated to keep a hungry mother fuller for longer. While we aren’t too sure about the taste, there are three flavours available now, and what can possibly go wrong with cranberry and dark chocolate?

The birth of BetterBump came from some bumps on the road.

The birth of BetterBump has come after some financial obstacles that Klass was facing.

“For over five years, I have been importing and distributing goods from the US to sell under the Mother Hen Products umbrella, that focused on baby accessories and maternity wear. We had a challenge to overcome when there was a change in the economy and the US dollar strengthened in relation to the Australian dollar going from above parity down to as low as the high seventy cents. I realised that I needed to look at other ways to generate sales in US dollars to counter my reliance on purchasing from the US,” says the founder.

One thing led to another, and by chance, he stumbled across some blogs in which mothers were sharing home made recipes for lactation biscuits. After doing his homework, he realised there was a gap in the Australian market in relation to functional foods for mothers that assist in the production of normal lactation.

He also added that while Australia’s manufacturing sector was small and non-competitive, the good climate results in great quality produce, which was a competitive advantage for manufacturing in Australia and exporting internationally.

Klass then decided to create a food to target the audience in this gap and produced BetterBump. With an initial investment of $150,000 and working alongside a food scientist and Australian dietician Kara Landau, who helped design, develop and create the bars – BetterBump was born.

Not just for Australian mothers

BetterBump was developed over 18 months and 14 versions. Klass is securing numerous distributors for the snack bar and has plans to expand in the USA and China. Sales of the bar have been promising to date, and Klass’s Mother Hen Products has achieved a 25% growth n the past two years.

There’s clearly no market too niche to be filled.