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Shame: the new meme that’s righting the wrongs between cats and dogs [VIDEO]


For far too long, cat videos have ruled the internet. You know it’s true.

It’s about time the wrong was righted. However, the current internet meme, and ‘over-night’ user-generated photo site has something that is near, and dear, to the hearts of many: dog shaming.

From this fascinating site I have learned that dogs like to eat butter, the crotches out of underwear, and vomit – not necessarily their own. Ok, so a few cats get a look in on this site as well, but mostly, it’s about dogs.

Just how big a hit has the site become? Watch the CNN news video for the full story.

You may have also noticed advertisements for WSPA on Anthill. These ads feature unsettling images of animals in distress. The cause is an important one, especially to humanitarians, like the Anthill crew and many of our readers, who we often describe as ‘social capitalists’.

If you would like to support WSPA in any way, please click WSPA and follow the prompts. Why not take up a monthly subscription in the name of your business?

The only form of animal cruelty Anthill supports, is dog shaming.

Dog Shaming

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