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Three reasons why growing your business is like creating a snowflake [VIDEO]


Your business, whether it’s big or small, starting up or decades old, is like a snowflake.


1. It’s unique

There is no other business out there that is exactly like yours. This uniqueness is why you business is successful or, why it’s not. It’s not enough to know that your business is unique, an entrepreneur needs to understand what makes it unique.

2. It started off tiny

That idea you had, it began as an inkling; not unlike a twinkling of light on a seed of ice.

Then, like a snowflake, it grew into what it is right now. If the conditions are right, your business (and the snowflake) will continue to grow.

And, that growth is kind of mesmerising to watch, like this video.

3. It’s risky

It’s risky to be a snowflake. A slight change in the weather, and a snowflake melts.

Entrepreneurs deal with risks daily, hourly. But, they still do what they do; just like snowflakes still form and get on with the job of creating snow.

And, if the snowflake does melt, once the conditions become right again, new ones form; that’s exactly how the world of business works.

Entrepreneurs. Business. Snowflakes. Who knew these things had so much in common.

Watching snowflakes grow


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