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When did science get to be so damn sexy? [VIDEO]


Not that I’m complaining. But, really? When did it become cool to be a science nerd?

There are science memes endlessly circulating on Facebook. I find myself sharing them, after dredging up my knowledge from my undergrad university days.

But, there was a distinct moment in the past few months, where science became sexy. Perhaps many people are now ok with channelling their inner Sheldon Cooper. Face it, you want his Green Lantern t-shirt as much as I do.

The sexiness of science has significantly increased since that mohawked dude successfully landed the Mars rover, Curiosity. NASA has never looked so sexy.

This video has everything that NASA stands for – rovers, mohawks and, a dancing robot girl in stars & stripes bikini.

With more than 1.7 million views in five days, science continues its sexy march towards mainstream popularity.

We’re NASA and we know it!