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How one new social media site is keeping you from being bummed


Ever had that feeling that you have missed something? Have you ever been totally devastated to learn that there was an employment expo held just around the corner, but you didn’t even know about it beforehand? Maybe your favorite local band played at show two weeks ago, but you didn’t get the memo?

We know: total bummer, right? Well, now you don’t have to feel that way anymore, thanks to a new events-based social media platform called Jedo. Jedo was founded in 2011 by Anneliese Urquhart, and is aimed at making sure visitors to the site are informed of events going on all over Australia.

“Jedo gives you the opportunity to explore and discover events of all types and sizes to suit your location. You can read ratings and reviews or watch videos to decide what will suit you and you can find out about events that usually only the locals or insiders know about”, says Urquhart, who is CEO if Jedo, as well as Founder.

Get out of the house, for a bit, would ya?

Jedo is a social media site that allows users to keep track of all sorts of events. A quick look at the events currently listed on Jeo reveals something for everyone. There’s a planned PC health checkup, childbirth classes for men, salsa classes, and guitar lessons, all coming soon to a city near you. Now if only there was something listed for writers of Star Trek fan fiction…

Each event page on Jedo provides venue and bookin information, and provides space for user reviews, while allowing visitors to the site the chance to share news of upcoming events across other social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Jedo is the first of its kind to focus on events and activities being held in communities all over Australia. Jedo allows event organisers the opportunity to spread the word about upcoming happenings through social media.

Jedo even gets the message out about upcoming events by facilitating automatic publication to partner sites, such as Fairfax Community News. Since it’s as much a bummer for event planners to have their event incur low attendance as it is for would-be attendees to find out they’ve missed out, Jedo helps organisers increase ticket sales and attendance-driven revenue by raising awareness of events.

Harness the peer pressure!

“The single most powerful factor to get someone to attend an event or purchase a ticket is the knowledge that someone else in their network is attending. Jedo works to spread this information through customers’ networks”, Urquhart said.

Jedo is currently raising capital through its public company vehicle, Localite Limited on the Australian Small Scale Offering Board (ASSOB). The company is now in its second round of raising capital, and the innovative platform has gained the attention of several key investors.

Jedo seems to have all sorts of little-known events offering something for people of any persuasion, not the least of which is my personal favorite, Buttonfest 2012!