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The Business Grants Program has been expanded to $15,000. Frankston City, here we come!


In 2012, the Local Council’s Business Grants Program brought four new businesses to the Frankston city centre, including a café owner from Prahran and a financial firm from the Melbourne CBD.

So now the question is: who will they bring to town this year?

And after pulling off such a successful inaugural year, the Local Council has decided to extend the program to include two new categories – Emerging Exporter and Green Business.

Frankston City Mayor Sandra Mayer said last year’s grant recipients are thriving, with all of them moving into new commercial premises in Frankston City and that these grants are about “attracting existing businesses, encouraging innovative new businesses or expanding home-based enterprises to increase the number of jobs available locally for our residents”.

Mayer added, “Last year’s recipients have reported results above their expectations, and most pleasing are the improvements in work-life balance reported by those who relocated to Frankston. That’s our great advantage, having big city facilities with a coastal lifestyle.”

This year, there are five categories of grants and each requires applicants to enter a commercial tenancy agreement in Frankston City.

  1. Home Based Graduation Grants ($10,000) – For home based businesses to move into a commercial or industrial tenancy.
  2. Start-Up Grants ($10,000) – For new innovative businesses that have been operating less than twelve (12) months.
  3. Relocation Grants ($10,000) – For businesses that move to Frankston City from outside the region.
  4. Emerging Exporter Grants ($15,000) – For small businesses beginning or already exporting goods and services.
  5. Green Business Grants ($15,000) – For existing and start-up businesses that produce a product or service that reduces carbon emissions or environmental impact.

The 2012 Frankston City Small Business Grant Recipients were The Alley Barber, Eeny Meeny Café, Growth Accountants and Advisors, Scenic Surrounds and True Blue Web Sites.

So what have they used their grant funding for? They have invested it in growing their business with activities including shop fit out, capital works, marketing, re-branding, training, web functionality as well as specialist equipment.

True Blue Web Sites owner and 2012 grant recipient, Adam Lancaster, praised the scheme saying, “The business grant we received really made a huge impact on our business. It assisted us to ensure we have great signage and a professional interior office.”

The guidelines and application forms are now available here and by the way, applications opened on 23 September so you better hurry up!