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The ‘Atlassian of dealtech’ has pulled off a phenomenal $26.5 million ASX IPO


Australian dealtech platform company, thedocyard, has begun trading on the ASX after being fully subscribed by a mix of private and institutional investors in Australia, the UK and across Asia, following a hugely successful roadshow.

thedocyard’s next-generation deal technology provides a secure, central and easy-to-use platform for deal management and execution.

The listing is a vote of confidence by the market in the firm’s cloud-based platform, which disrupts the use of traditional file sharing tools and email as the primary tools in the deal-making space, says CEO and founder Stuart Clout.

“It is a huge vote of confidence by the market in not just thedocyard, but in Australian innovation in the dealtech and software as a service space,” says Mr Clout, who is also the largest shareholder.

“It proves that investors trust our approach in the dealtech space as we are taking a wholistic end to end view of the deal process and replacing stand alone file sharing and eliminating insecure and downright dangerous exchange of countless emails.

“If you’re using thedocyard on a deal your life is going to be better – no professional service provider enters a deal to try and manage their inbox.”

What exactly does thedocyard do?

The firm, which already has helped companies transact billions of dollars in deals by leading financial and health organisations, solves problems faced by companies in the broad deals space around the globe, while addressing issues surrounding data security, regulatory compliance, transparency and auditability, he says. There is no deal type that thedocyard cannot optimise.

“The use of email and endless phone calls to transact multibillion-dollar deals is dangerous to the degree by which confidential information is whizzing around the world in a highly insecure easy-to-intercept form.

“Using thedocyard on your deals ensures means it’s all on one platform, with the highest level possible for the integrity around your deals. It’s encrypted end-to-end – you know where your information has gone, where it’s going and who touches it and the technology is as secure as it gets.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved as we use the capital raised to fund further sales and marketing of the product, particularly in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.”

The IPO, which was handled by leading Australian equities firm and M&A specialists Barclay Pearce Capital, values thedocyard at $26.5 million after raising $4.2 million.​

“I’d like to congratulate thedocyard on their successful IPO, and thank them for coming to the nation’s pioneering service provider for innovative firms large and small looking to list on the ASX or raise capital,’’ says Barclay Pearce Chief Marketing Officer Donna Warner.

“Barclay Pearce is where the right people with the best solutions meet for brilliant results.”

Deal technology is a worldwide marketplace. In 2018 private equity funds in Europe alone were involved in 12,147 deals with a cumulative value of €210bn ($A340bn), including fundraising, investments and divestments – with the largest market in the UK.

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