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Tasmanian ICT Centre to receive $50 million for technology development


Minister for Innovation Senator Kim Carr has announced a $50 million package to help fund developing information and communications technologies in Tasmania.

Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, has announced, together with Premier Lara Giddings, CSIRO’s CEO Dr Megan Clark and Member for Denison Andrew Wilkie, that the Tasmanian ICT Centre will receive a $50 million package over the next five years to help Tasmanian’s development of information and communications technologies.

“The Labor Government approach is simple,” said Senator Carr. “We are in the business of good policy outcomes. We will work with those who will share and support that mission.”

The Federal Government will provide $20 million, CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) will provide another $20 million and the Tasmanian Government will supply $5 million. The remaining $5 million will be raised from industry.

Senator Carr believes that the technologies developed by the Tasmanian ICT Centre are not just important to Tasmania but also to the whole country.

“The ICT tools developed here, in collaboration with industry, will help improve our energy use, monitor our fish stocks, protect our oceans, develop our food production capacity and manage our water resources,” said Senator Carr.

The Tasmanian ICT Centre is building tools and developing technologies to take advantage of the National Broadband Network and will work in close proximity with the Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation (ACBI).

Photo by Ian Armstrong