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Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort gives advice to entrepreneurs: “Go out and frikkin’...

One of Anthill's own -- two-time 30under30 winner Jack Delosa -- gives us a preview of a video interview with Jordan Belfort, the infamous Wolf of Wall Street. Just a few minutes of listening to Belfort provides a taste of the manic passion, drive and intelligence it required to soar so high and sink so low. He talks about making the big score, serial entrepreneurship, and schmoozing with Richard Branson. He talks about keeping it all about ambition instead of greed.
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The Facebook Honey Trap with James Tuckerman [CHEAT SHEET]

This cheat sheet was developed to help small business operators harness the incomparable (and undeniable) potency of Facebook to recruit fans, spread the word, and (most importantly) generate inbound business.


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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...