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Can you believe the most downloaded dating app isn’t Tinder? So what is? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The popularity of these apps fuels this as it provides so much “supply” for the dating market. Dating apps are also practically seen as a form of social networking akin to the likes of Facebook or Twitter such is the ubiquity of their nature.

Hell-bent on disrupting the publishing industry, Tablo has now launched a social network for...

Publishing start-up Tablo recently announced the launch of new social features for its cloud-based e-book publishing service, marking the biggest shift in the platform since its...

How local startup iSwimToo is helping users hit the water the fun way, all...

Breakout the bikinis and speedos, floaties and sunscreen: swimming is a healthful activity on the rise thanks to one new Aussie startup,.iSwimtoo, The company has rapidly received recognition and just been nominated by the World Open Water Swimming Association as the World’s Best New Open Water Swimming Offering for 2012! The Manly based global business, nominated as World’s Best New Swimming Offering for 2012.

Wishbook’s wishful thinking – powered by kindness

Forget about throwing virtual barnyard animals or smooshing your thoughts into 140 characters, Australian online community Wishbook has loftier ambitions.

Over Facebook? Kick your over-sharing mates and persistently poking boss to the curb. Social...

Ah Facebook. You’ve turned mum into a serial over-sharer, the boss into a persistent poker, and Mark Zuckerberg keeps pimping your private deets from atop of his 18 carat Captain Kirk replica chair. But still, you heart social media and all the lolz it brings. So what’s the alternative? Maybe, just maybe, it’s new Aussie start-up Family HQ.

‘Social TV’ brings its A-game in the battle for living room supremacy

Holy multitasking. According to a new study by telecoms stat gurus Ovum, a cool 74 per cent of consumers with a broadband connection cruise the interwebs while watching the telly.

Keep your online privacy locked down

The only foolproof way to keep your info from being permanently available to the other WWW – the whole wide world – is to make sure it doesn’t get uploaded in the first place. Remember: those Schoolies snaps of you with sick in your hair might nibble you on the buttocks when you run for parliament further down the line.

Do you really want to stuff up your LinkedIn profile? Here’s some advice: don’t...

There’s a really annoying trend that seems to have emerged lately where people have stuffed their LinkedIn profiles full of keywords -- kind of like the early black hat cowboy days of SEO. Keyword stuffing makes you look desperate for attention. If everyone does this it becomes a race to the bottom to get up to the top.

Forget Facebook: China’s social networking must-dos

Navigating China’s many social networks can be as challenging and frustrating as mastering Mandarin. However, when building a social media plan, there are a few basics you can apply. Here are four must-dos when attempting to to connect with -- and ultimately sell your brand to -- the Chinese.

Twitter joins with heavyweight Apple to spread some iTunes love [VIDEO]

In a strong signal that Twitter has reached the Olympus of Internet gods that look down on us all, the mini-message network is now integrated with Apple so users can share their favorite tunes. Twitter now works with Ping, iTunes' social network for music. Who will be Twitter's next partner as it hobnobs with the 'Net's other heavy hitters?

Lessons from a LinkedIn lush: Why I regret becoming an open networker

One of the decisions I made when I joined LinkedIn was to become an “open networker.” I’m on a list that says I am open to connecting. Three years later and I have thousands of first-degree connections. Now... I kind of regret it.

Food Relief 2.0: Social networks rally around the flood-affected, offering both money and resources

Flood relief has officially gone 2.0. As 75% of Queensland braces itself for a ‘post-war scale’ clean-up in the wake of the recent devastating floods, online communities have rallied together on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to coordinate both donations and resources.

What is Apple’s Ping and could it prompt the death of MySpace?

Poor Myspace. It's been on its last air-guitar-riffing, crowd-surf-groping, drug-fuelled stagger for several years now. Indeed, the only thing that has kept its face from plunging into the vomit-filled toilet bowl of obscurity has been the way musicians have used the platform to self-promote... until now.

Solving the puzzle of Google’s social networking strategy

Google’s acquisition of SocialDeck at the end of August made it the 11th social media-related company Google has snapped up so far this year – five of them in August alone. The buying spree raises questions as to where the company is heading with its much-anticipated play in social networking. What Google needs, and what is not yet evident, is a coherent strategy for social networking that pulls together the disjointed pieces of its growing social media portfolio.

Should employers dictate how much time we spend on social media at work?

123educateme has found that if an employee spends more than an hour a workday on non-work tasks, it could cost their employer more than $6,200 a year. If that figure is expanded to account for the population of Australia, the amount of lost productivity could amount to a staggering $5 billion.

How take charge of your Facebook privacy

User rage over Facebook's revised privacy settings may have settled down for now but that's no reason to get complacent. According to AVG's Lloyd Borrett, managing your Facebook privacy is as simple as one, two, three.

"Does your website make you money or cost you money?"

There is a purpose to design that many developers (and even some marketers) simply don't want to know about. Online marketing means creating a sales process that builds credibility, attracts new customers and becomes an extension of your business.

“Does your website make you money or cost you money?”

There is a purpose to design that many developers (and even some marketers) simply don't want to know about. Online marketing means creating a sales process that builds credibility, attracts new customers and becomes an extension of your business.

Disconnect online to reconnect in life

With technology making it easier to connect with one another through social media, the general impression is that we are all coming closer together. However, as Nigel Malone heads off on his first holiday in four years, he considers whether perhaps the reverse is happening -- that our increased social networking capabilities make it harder to leave work behind.

Dead peeps and deleted tweets reveal some home truths. (Are you in control of...

Everything on the public web gets indexed and cached by Google, so even when we delete something it is still publicly accessible. The crisp click you hear when you hit the Enter key and send personal information into the digital wild is the sound of you relinquishing complete control over that information.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...