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How local startup iSwimToo is helping users hit the water the fun way, all around the planet


Breakout the bikinis and speedos, floaties and sunscreen: swimming is a healthful activity on the rise thanks to one new startup, iSwimtoo.

The company has rapidly received recognition and has just been nominated for an award by the World Open Water Swimming Association. The Manly based global business, has been nominated as World’s Best New Swimming Offering for 2012.

iSwimtoo is a publishing platform and social network to enable swimmers globally to: discover and share places and events to swim; find and connect with swimmers and pods; record, compare and share their swims.

So what can those of us with fleeting flippers do with iSwimtoo, you ask? Good question. With the publishing platform you can:

  • Discover and share the best places to swim
  • Find and connecting with other swimmers and pods
  • record, compare, and share swims

Off the couch and into the pool!

Swimming is one of the world’s top three participative activities and has universal appeal to males, females and the disabled. And, it includes everyone from under 10 to over 80 years of age.

Demographics of swimmers are skewed in favour of higher income and education. This means iSwimtoo is providing opportunities for major brands to access and engage with a massive community that is not being serviced anywhere in the world.

iSwimtoo was founded by former banker Stephen Coulter and Julie Isbill, former Captain of Manly LifeSaving Club and a swim coach. Together, with CTO Magnus Butlin and designer Rob Daly, the initial Beta of iSwimtoo launched globally.

All of those amphibious ants in the Anthill army can find out more at the iSwimtoo homepage and remember to vote for the nominee here.