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Twitter joins with heavyweight Apple to spread some iTunes love [VIDEO]


In a strong signal that Twitter has reached the Olympus of Internet gods that look down on us all, the mini-message network is now integrated with Apple so users can share their favorite music.

Twitter now works with Ping, iTunes’ relatively new social network. Ping users who link Twitter to their account can tweet out Ping posts, song previews and links to purchase iTunes music.

(By the by: “Ping”? Really? Sounds a bit too much like Microsoft’s Bing search engine, doesn’t it?)

Twitter users who click on a Ping-related link will see the song or album in Twitter’s details pane, along with access to a song clip from iTunes. It’s all very cuddly.

We aren’t privvy to the details that brought this partnership about, but we imagine both sides make out well. Imagine: Less than two years ago, many people wondered how Twitter could monetise its model. Then it started selling ads in mid-2010. The company’s estimated value is now about $3.7 billion, and an IPO is possible in 2013.

Who will be Twitter’s next partner as it hobnobs with the ‘Net’s other heavy hitters?

Twitter partners with iTunes’ Ping

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