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"Does your website make you money or cost you money?"


Online Marketing means so much more than having a pretty website. It means creating a profitable extension to your business.

Following sell out events in February, Anthill is embarking on a national tour bringing this half-day intensive workshop to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. During this masterclass you will spend half a day working with two of Australia’s leading online marketers and learn how to make the most of your website and social media strategy.


Does this sound like you?

  1. My website is costing me money when it should be making me money.
  2. I have trouble getting traffic to my site and converting this to sales.
  3. I want to exploit social media but find it all too hard and confusing.
  4. SEO‘s important but I don’t have the time or budget to do it properly.

Most business owners, online marketers and web developers suffer from the same knowledge gaps and frustrations. This half-day masterclass was developed to provide practical hands-on advice for new, growing and mature businesses. You are not alone!

Melbourne: Monday, 19 April 2010 CLICK TO REGISTER

Brisbane: Tuesday, 21 April 2010 CLICK TO REGISTER

Sydney: Wednesday, 22 April 2010 CLICK TO REGISTER

Time: 8:00am (for 8:30am start) – 12:30pm

Do you get a measurable ROI from your online marketing? For every dollar you spend, how much is coming back?

There is a purpose to design that many developers (and even some marketers) simply don’t want to know about. Online marketing means creating a sales process that builds credibility, attracts new customers and becomes an extension of your business.

It’s about achieving a measurable ROI on your investment – NOT getting stuck with an expensive online brochure that does little more than drain your business of cash.

Who should attend this event?

Business owners

Do you have a desire to generate better returns from web marketing?


Do you want to better understand how to navigate this complex area?

Web developers

Do you want to better understand the needs of clients?

Money back guarantee

After attending the masterclass, if you do not believe that you can effectively apply the principles shared in this intensive half-day workshop to save your business money, generate additional revenue and, therefore, provide an ROI on the cost of the ticket, we’ll refund your money.

That’s how confident we are that the lessons and skills shared in the masterclass will improve your business in tangible ways.

“If you can’t take the lessons learnt at this workshop and quickly add an extra $895 to your bottom line through addditional sales and cost efficiencies, you don’t deserve to be in business. That’s why we offer a money back guarantee. It’s easy to improve your results from web marketing if you know what you’re doing.” James Tuckerman,  Publisher / Editor-In-Chief, Anthill Magazine


This class is about generating measurable returns and creating effective online strategies.

Success in online marketing means generating measurable returns. Don’t forget it!

During this half-day workshop, attendees will learn how to bring ROI into their online marketing activities, create profitable websites (rather than costly ‘brochures’), employ search-engine-optimisation strategies and grow their businesses using Social Media.


The ‘commercial’ function of online marketing

Brand versus ROI – Creating a sales pipeline

Explore reasons for online marketing – beyond brand. Introduce attendees to goal setting concepts. Provide an introduction to online sales processes and tools.

Measurement tools and metrics

An introduction to SEO/SEM

Provide attendees with an understanding of what tools are available to measure the effectiveness of online marketing to meet the commercial outcomes sought and employ search egine optimisation techniques to improve organic rankings.

Social Media for Business

Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Applications

Provide attendees with an understanding of the social networking tools available to grow a business – from Twitter to LinkedIn – and how to commercially exploit these tools without negative repercussions.

Implemention – The Practicalities

Streamlining your online marketing activities.

Provide attendees with tools and structures to make only marketing a manageable process – to esnure that attendees take the lessons learned at the masterclass and apply them in real life!

“Most people have a good idea of what their online marketing needs to do. Where most fail is in the execution. Having good ideas is one thing. Being able to implement is another. That’s why this masterclass is focussed on making online marketing a manageable process – part of your business.” Ian Lyons, Founder, Cool Hunter



Melbourne: Monday, 19 April 2010 CLICK TO REGISTER

Brisbane: Tuesday, 21 April 2010 CLICK TO REGISTER

Sydney: Wednesday, 22 April 2010 CLICK TO REGISTER

Time: 8:00am (for 8:30am start) – 12:30pm

Cost: $895 for single admission, $695 per head for team bookings.


Register using the discount code and pay only $495. That’s a saving of $300! Click the register links above for your capital city and enter the discount code: ANTHILLIAN .