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Can you believe the most downloaded dating app isn’t Tinder? So what is? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Dating apps and sites have seen a phenomenal positive shift in growth in recent years, there is certainly no doubt about that but what is the most popular dating app in use today? Many would perceive it to be Tinder but in fact it’s not, it is Badoo. The fact that many in the western world won’t have even heard of this particular app is interesting given its huge popularity in other parts of the globe.

Societal and behavioural changes have likely also contributed to the growth of the dating apps. There was a time where people didn’t like to disclose if they met a partner online on a website but today it’s very much the norm. Casual relationships are much more accepted and it’s not unusual for someone to be in communication with a number of people at once on a dating app.

The popularity of these apps fuels this as it provides so much “supply” for the dating market. Dating apps are also practically seen as a form of social networking akin to the likes of Facebook or Twitter such is the ubiquity of their nature.

This infographic from Carvaka highlights the standout statistics and user demographics that you need to know about the rise of dating apps and sites. It highlights the prominent players, the trends and also indicates the possible future for these dating apps. Check it out!

The Rise of Online Dating Apps Infographic