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Tired of watching YouTube online? Try the complete YouTube collection, now available on DVD [VIDEO]


Since 2005, YouTube has strived to deliver the best possible online video experience. But all of that is about to change, with the latest, remarkable innovation.

No more having to wait for buffering with your patchy download, you can watch your YouTube videos instantly, direct from your shiny, new DVD collection!

All the magic of YouTube that you have come to know and love, is now able to be held in your hands.

That’s right. YouTube is now available on DVD.

Everyone loves an infomercial, with their calming music and convincing voice over. This April Fool’s video from YouTube is magnificent.

No more pesky online searching. The Complete YouTube Collection comes neatly packed into nested modules, making it easy to find the exact video that you’re looking for.

Wait there’s more!

None of the interactivity is lost, as comment forms and thumb icons are provided with every DVD set. Simply write your comments, select your preferred thumb and mail in your feedback. All your comments will be sent directly to the person who made the video. Everyone wins!

It’s the perfect gift.

If you’ve already got a ShamWow in your cupboard, you know you’ll want to order this collection today!

YouTube Collectors Edition on DVD

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