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Meet Jetts, Anthill 2012 Cool Company Award Finalist [Global Growth Category]


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What are the Anthill Cool Company Awards?

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Company: Jetts
Website: jetts.com.au
State: QLD
Category: Global Growth

Dear frills: you’re no longer welcome here. Sincerely, Jetts Fitness.

In the push to make gyms more accessible and less inflexible, Jetts is somersaulting over expectations, crunching question marks and raising exclamation points. Open 24 hours? You betcha! Stuffy contracts and steep membership fees? Not at all!

Jetts has introduced these customer-friendly changes to the market over a short five years. Total gyms opened in Australia and New Zealand currently number close to 200 — and all of them can be accessed by any Jetts member, 24/7.

The founders recognise that their model — emphasising fundamentals and cutting the extras, like swimming pools, that not everyone uses — won’t appeal to everyone. “Our members are confident and self-motivated with a get-in, get-out approach to their workouts,” they say. What gets lost in the offerings, though, is made up for by the way each individual club ingrains itself into the community — through business partnering and sponsoring local athletic teams, for example. The most effective partnership for the Jetts network has been Open Heart Day, a bi-annual event that has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Heart Foundation while signing on thousands of new fitness members.

To keep up with the competition, the company continues to sign on friendly staff. A youthful vibrancy pervades the company from its central offices on the Sunshine Coast on down. “We live and work by the beach; there’s not really a better location,” the team wrote. “We’ve got a mix of the young-in’s and young at heart which makes a great work environment and it makes living and breathing Jetts a no-brainer.” It also makes it easy to see why Jetts won Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for gyms in Australia and New Zealand. If you want to blend in with these guys, you might want to bring your sunglasses.

Jetts has brought brains over brawn to an industry in desperate need of a spin class.


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