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Meet ELMO, Anthill 2017 Cool Company Award WINNER [Big Kahuna]


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ELMO [WINNER, Big Kahuna]

Company: ELMO
Website: elmotalent.com.au
State: NSW
Category: Big Kahuna

In 2002, ELMO’s founders made the prediction that most businesses could benefit from advanced and streamlined HR solutions — beyond excel spreadsheets, heavy paperwork and filing cabinets – knowing too well that HR processes were archaic and inefficient, even in 2002.

With a mandate to pioneer the latest advances in HR software solutions that had tremendous ROI potential for customers, ELMO started operating ‘in the cloud’ from day one, and has since grown to become one of Australia’s leading and most established providers of unified, cloud-based talent management software (or software-as-a-service, SaaS).

Day 1 AHRI National Convention & Exhibition

Today, ELMO is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for automating all HR processes from hire-to-retire in real-time and on any device, including automated recruitment, personalised on-boarding and learning & the ANZs largest e-course library. ELMO also provides platforms for performance management, succession planning and employee administration.

ELMO launched with no legacy on-premise solution. In 2002, few HR solutions/providers operated in the ‘cloud’ – global brands typically installed software on servers.

Using a cloud solution with a one-source code and multi-tenanted infrastructure allowed for rapid implementations and seamless software enhancements.

ELMO’s solution enables HR to operate efficiently by automating processes, providing intelligent reporting analytis, driving client savings.

Day 3 AHRI National Convention & Exhibition

ELMO is made for any business looking to optimise any segment or all of their HR function including performance, on-boarding, recruitment, succession planning, employee administration, and learning – its e-learning library features 400-plus online courses and is attractive to businesses wanting to build a skilled and a compliant workforce.

While some businesses embrace specialised HR technologies, many are using outdated automated legacy systems with prohibitive pricing models and complex implementations, thus reaching their pain-point – the ELMO platform provides a solution for these businesses by being intuitive and adaptable to solve a businesses’ unique need.

What exactly is ELMO changing?

“Australia’s enterprise HR-tech market is dominated by global players that tend to be prohibitive in cost and implementation. While local players exist, we have not identified a similar cloud-based, multi-tenanted, single-source-code business within Australia with an end-to-end (hire-to-retire) offering,” Darryl Garber, Chief Commercial Officer at ELMO told Anthill.

“In our view, HR is ripe for SaaS solutions: SaaS expenditure is estimated at US$102b, and Frost and Sullivan has valued today’s global talent market at US$6.1b. In this environment, ELMO provides a specialised solution for businesses impacted by digital disruption, where talent is fundamental to success. ELMO’s tailored solution is region-specific, has unique ATO integration and legislative compliant course content.

“ELMO is taking HR out of the paper cabinet – or 20th century datacentre – and making it the heartbeat of organisations across ANZ. Our highly disruptive and highly enabling HR technology is evolving HR into a corporate function, beyond sourcing, winning and retaining talent.,” Darryl added.

“While these functions remain a primary core, the advent of artificial intelligence, big data and people analytics means HR teams are required to deeply understand an organisation’s workforce and apply data intelligence company-wide to achieve outcomes and boost bottom-lines. Our platform is helping HR teams/senior leaders make strategic decisions regarding investment in people, skills, and the organisation.”

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