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Don’t like parking your car? Coming soon from Audi, the self-parking car [VIDEO]


There is something undeniably sexy about an Audi. And, with the help of some impressie new technology, these cars about to get even smarter than before.

I actually pride myself on my ability to parallel park. I found it to be an invaluable skill when I lived in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is quite simply a fact that if you live in that area and you can’t parallel park, you’ll spend the rest of your life driving around looking for a car park.

Some people have problems parking their car. And, I don’t mean the “I’ll just park my car in the parking station while at the movies, only to emerge from the cinema and find it closed an hour ago” kind of problem.

Some people just don’t like, can’t or, never learned to park.

Audi has the solution. The company has developed an automatic parking system that operates by either ultrasound or camera. The system can assist with parking, such as reversing into a spot. Or, it can handle a parallel or perpendicular park with ease.

More amazingly, you don’t have to be in the car to drive it to the car park. It will escort itself and, come when you call it.

Its bound to freak out many a valet.

Audi is one company that lives up to its brand mantra: Vorsprung durch technik. Which means ‘Leap ahead through technology’.

I think I’ll put an S5 3.0 TFSI Coupé on my birthday list this year. If you don’t ask …

Audi – automatic parking system