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Measuring and connecting the Australian startup ecosystem: Startup Muster returns

Monica Wulff

Startup Muster is the largest survey of the Australian startup ecosystem. Founded in 2013, its aim is to measure and publish the progress, challenges and opportunities in the ecosystem, in order to demonstrate and accelerate impact.

Over the last three years 3,881 startup founders, future founders and startup supporters have provided 178,879 answers in three annual surveys.

In 2017, Startup Muster is excited to now be providing an option for survey participants to connect with each other. Supporters can define the kind of startup they can best support, and startups will be able to engage with matching supporters, and to provide feedback on the whether their support was valuable. More valuable engagements will be prioritised over time, giving founders a shortcut to supporters that have previously helped startups like their own.

What exactly does Startup Muster hope to achieve?

“As a founder it’s sometimes hard to know which support options will be most helpful. Instead of asking startup founders what they want, Startup Muster will show founders the supporters that have generated recommendations from startups like their own, opening up opportunities that they may not have considered,” – Monica Wulff, CEO, Startup Muster.

“We’ve been asked for something like this for years, and it will be nice to provide more value back to everyone who generously provides their time in the survey”. – Monica Wulff, CEO, Startup Muster.

Startup Muster 2017 launches on the 5th of July and we’re calling all startup founders, future founders and startup supporters to take part at www.startupmuster.com.

“Every year has been a record year for Startup Muster, as it has been for Australia’s startup ecosystem, and I’m excited for another record year in 2017,” Monica added.

The development of the connection component of Startup Muster has been supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and Google, and has generated deidentified data on the Australian startup ecosystem for 17 organisations.

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