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You may know the quote but, do you know the ad? [VIDEO]


The words of this ad are on t-shirts.


Because it’s one of the most commonly referenced quotes from Steve Jobs.

But, it was actually an ad for Apple in from 1997.

Regardless, the words are profound and are often in the minds of every entrepreneur.

It springs to mind when they are told their idea is a bit crazy or, when they realise they are misfit or, a round peg in a square hole.

This is a video of the original ad from 1997. This ad has become a meme of several generations, way before memes were like, an internet thing.

This ad announced the return of Steve Jobs to the role of CEO of Apple.

So, here’s to you Anthillians, you crazy troublemakers!

Here’s to the crazy ones – Apple, 1997


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