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It’s 2013. Where’s my flying car? Oh. There it is … [VIDEO]


So, I watched Back To the Future (again) on the weekend.

Since then, I’ve had the voice of Michael J. Fox in my head saying: “You built a time machine? From a Delorian?”

This movie always makes me think of flying cars. So, while I was driving on the M3, I was wondering how far away are flying cars? And, then I saw some crazy drivers and figured it’s probably better that most people are still land-bound and not airborne.

I then discovered a company called Terrafugia. It has already developed a vehicle that you can drive and fly. It’s called, cutely enough, The Transition. Technically, apparently, it’s more a street-legal plane than a flying car per se, but it’s a mighty good start.

The two-seater Transition is a snip at $279,000. Orders are now being taken on the site.

But, Terrafugia hasn’t finished innovating. Not by a long shot. The company has plans to build the TF-X. (See Video #2)

The TF-X will be designed to carry four people in car-like comfort and have a range of about 500 miles of non-stop flying. It will fit in a normal car garage, take off vertically and basically, impress every kid, big or little, in the neighbourhood.

The bad news is the development of this flying car is expected to take about twelve years. And you know what? That puts it at being available at the exact time my daughter will get her driver’s license. Joy! Like I didn’t have enough to worry about!

There is no indication yet on the potential price of the TF-X but, Terrafugia is taking expressions of interest from potential investors.

Video #1: The Terrafugia Transition

Video #2: Introducing TF-X: Terrafugia’s vision for the future of personal transportation