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With Enterprize 2011 innovation contest under way, previous winners share their wisdom


The 2011 edition of Enterprize, the seed-capital competition run by University of Queensland’s business school, is under way. The entry deadline is July 22 for the contest, which awards $100,000 to the winner.

Past winners include last year’s award to Southern Innovation for its R&D work with radiation detectors. In 2009, CoolMe came out on top with its cooling vest for emergency workers and miners.

Here’s the teaser, plus a sampling of last year’s finalists and a neat “where are they now” look at earlier winners in which they talk about what they’ve learned as they brought their products to market.

Enterprize 2011 teaser

2010 winner Southern Innovation

Here’s a tip for innovators trying to attract attention: If you can start your video with a nuclear mushroom cloud, by all means do so.

2010 finalist Readcloud

Readcloud creates and catalogs extensively annotated e-books. The tech allows for interactive reading among friends or classmates.

Where are they now? 2005 winner Hydrexia

The company developed inexpensive and safe hydrogen storage using new magnesium alloys.

Where are they now? 2003 winner Fusion Sports

The company’s creation, SmartSpeed, is a coaching automation tool designed to train athlete’s reactions and decision-making on the field.

Where are they now? 2002 winner Medivations

The company’s RESUSS-C device enables unconscious or very young patients to cough on demand. It has the potential to save thousands of lives each year.

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