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Infosys has launched a new AI tool that allows businesses to automate much more


IT and consulting giant Infosys recently launched its knowledge-based artificial intelligence platform Mana, designed to drive automation and innovation so that businesses can streamline repetitive exercises and build system knowledge using AI and machine learning.

Mana was launched at Confluence 2016, a global thought leadership summit that brings together leaders from across continents and industries to explore how technology can help enterprises do more. Australian companies in attendance include NAB, Macquarie, Telstra and Transfield, among others.

Dr. Vishal Sikka, CEO & Managing Director, Infosys remarkedd, “Purposeful AI is about leveraging technology to amplify people. We can automate the repetitive, mechanizable tasks; we can capture the knowledge and know-how across people and long-lived systems and bring this knowledge back inside the systems to drive more value; and in doing these things we can free people to put all of our creativity, passion, and imagination into thinking about the bigger opportunities ahead of us.”

“The word mana, from the Polynesian word for a pervasive spiritual force, and similarly used in many languages and cultures around the world, is an excellent inspiration for our endeavor to bring this purposeful AI to the enterprise,” he explained.

Andrew Groth, Vice President and Regional Head, Infosys Australia and New Zealand “AI is already changing the way we operate in Australia. It’s everywhere around us and at the core of our discussions surrounding innovation. Infosys Mana has templates and algorithms to rapidly deliver both automated and actionable insights thereby removing the mundane and instead enabling the amplification of creativity and the inquisitive nature only humans are capable of.”

Andrew Groth
Andrew Groth

What exactly does Mana do?

Mana, with the Infosys Aikido service offerings, dramatically lowers the cost of maintenance for both physical and digital assets; captures the knowledge and know-how of people, and fragmented and complex systems; simplifies the continuous renovation of core business processes; and enables businesses to bring new and delightful user experiences leveraging state of the art technology.

Over the last 35 years, Infosys has maintained, operated and managed systems with global clients across every industry. Building on this deep experience, Infosys has recognized the need to bring artificial intelligence to the enterprise in a meaningful and purposeful way; in a way that leverages the power of automation for repetitive tasks and frees people to focus on the higher value work, and on breakthrough innovation.

Today’s AI technologies address part of this with learning and information; Infosys is now bringing this together in a fundamental way with knowledge and understanding of the business and the IT landscape – critical knowledge that is locked inside source code, application silos, maintenance logs, exception tickets and individual employees.

Infosys has already started working with a number of clients:

  • For a company with a large fleet of field engineers, individual productivity improved by up to 50 per cent by utilizing the self-learning capabilities of the platform
  • For a major global telecommunications firm entry effort of agents was reduced by up to 80 per cent by automating order validation and removing the need for corrective processes
  • For a global food and beverage manufacturer, Mana assisted sales managers in automating the sales planning processes by automatically resolving maintenance tickets of recurring issues. As the system self-learned, over time it provided solutions to known problems automatically, helping reduce the time required to provide a solution to a maintenance problem